Tattoo Artist: Todo B
Realism Tattoos

Tattoo by Todo Brennan

Neo/Traditional Tattoos

Tattoo by Jonathan Penchoff

Tattoo Artist: Tom Foolery
Illustrative Tattoos

Tattoo by Tom Foolery

Tattoo Artist: Niki Norberg
Black & Gray Tattoos

Tattoo by Niki Norberg

Tattoo Artist: Klaim Street Tattoo
Abstract Tattoos

Tattoo by Klaim

Tattoo Artist: Ondrash
Watercolor Tattoos

Tattoo by Ondrash

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Geometric Tattoos

Tattoo by Chaim Machlev

Our mission is to share and promote quality tattoo art and the artists behind it. We strive to find tattoo artists that view tattooing as their career and an artClick here to learn more.

April Top Tattoo Shares

April Top Tattoo Shares

Our top performing (most engaged with) shares on Facebook and Instagram from April:   ❤️❤️ the eeriness, @allexxtattoo 👍👏 #perfecttattoo #perfectartist #blackandgray #blackandgraytattoo #blackandgrayrealism #realistic #realismtattoo #realisticart...
Compass Tattoos

Compass Tattoos

Compasses are a rich tattoo tradition, dating back to the sailor days. Now, artists of all styles add their spin on a traditional tattoo concept. Here are some of our favorites!  
Featured Tattoo Artist: Jhon Gutti

Featured Tattoo Artist: Jhon Gutti

  Tattoo artist Jhon Gutti has been interested in art since he was a child. Tattoos grabbed his interest when he was watching martial arts movies and saw a fighter with a tattoo. He immediately began working on drawings and cartoons, and then get his first tattoo...
Top 13 Tattoos of March

Top 13 Tattoos of March

  Every month we take 13 of our top shares from social media and put together a blog so they’re all in one place. So here are the top tattoos of March in all of their glory:                        ...
Skull and Rose Tattoos

Skull and Rose Tattoos

We see them everyday: skull and rose tattoos. Skulls have appeared in several forms of art for centuries (as have roses). Together they make for a beautiful design and we’ve put together a collection of skull and rose tattoo designs in a variety of tattoo...